Meet the ITS Observatory Project Ambassadors

The Project Ambassadors represent the four key industry sectors taking part in the ITS Observatory project: policy makers, public authorities / cities, industry and research. Each Project Ambassador has developed an exceptional expertise and gained widespread recognition in his field of activity.

The ITS Observatory Project Ambassadors are happy to answer any questions you have relating to the ITS Observatory platform. Question you have will feed into the FAQ section of the ITS Observatory website.

You may learn more about the Ambassadors’ views in the “Insights” and “Blog” section of the platform. You may meet them at key events promoting the ITS Observatory. Feel free to share with them your observations or comments.

There are four Ambassadors

Policy: Eric Sampson
Research: Harry Lahrman
Industry: Richard Harris
Public Authorities/Cities: Svend Tofting

Eric Sampson (Policy)

Eric Sampson (Policy)

Eric Sampson is a retired DfT Senior Civil Servant

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Eric Sampson is a retired Senior Civil Servant. At the Department for Transport he worked in the Marine, Highways, Rail, Safety and Local Transport Directorates, as well as The Coastguard Agency. He has held many national and international appointments including the European Commission’s High Level Advisory Group on Intelligent Transport Systems and Chairmanship of ITS-UK and the ERTICO Supervisory Board. In 2009 he was elected the first President of IBEC – the international collaboration for ITS Benefits, Evaluation and Costs. He was appointed CBE in 2007 and is currently ERTICO’s senior Congress adviser.

Across Europe cities are struggling to come to terms with changing transport technologies, “The Digital Revolution” and the service expectations of 24/7 connected citizens. The cities want to remove traditional functional barriers and integrate transport, energy, waste and water, telecoms, planning and many social services to create a Smarter City. They want to be enablers of better mobility and better accessibility but even the mega-cities are finding big gaps in their knowledge. They often cannot see viable business models for the newer services users want; they often do not know in advance the full costs and benefits for the ITS services they are thinking of buying; and they want more, and better, cooperation between all of their stakeholders both public and private.

For me the ITS Observatory is a virtual meeting space where subscribers will be able to share experience and share knowledge about digitisation, the growth of the Internet of Things, the benefits of connected vehicles, the organisation of Mobility-as-a-Service provision and a host of other technical and societal changes.

Harry Lahrmann is associate professor in the Traffic Research Group, Department of Civil Engineering and affiliated Centre for Intelligent Transport Systems at Aalborg University. He has a broad as well as a thorough knowledge within the traffic- and transportation sector. Experience obtained through research, teaching, consultancy and management. His key research areas are transport planning and traffic engineering – with focus on Intelligent Transport Systems and traffic safety. With his colleagues, he has authored more than 150 scientific conference papers, articles and books within these areas.

Our vision with the ITS Observatory for the research sector is to have a tool that provides us with thoroughly and covering knowledge on ITS projects in Europe.
We see it as a potential excellent shortcut to valuable information on the ITS knowledge gained for more than 13,000 ITS projects carried out European-wide in the last three decades. Also it allows accessibility to relevant information on ITS key persons from companies, public authorities and academia throughout Europe. Together it will ensure that we can concentrate our research and innovation businesses on the most needed fields and always base our research on the shoulders of our colleagues’ research. Hence, ITS Observatory will partly ensure that we strengthen our research division and partly that public and private providers of research funding get the most from their allocations.

Harry Lahrmann (Research)

Harry Lahrmann (Research)

Harry Lahrmann is an Associate professor at Aalborg University

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Richard Harris (Industry)

Richard Harris (Industry)

Solutions Director and Communications and Marketing Director, Xerox

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Richard is internationally recognized as a leading expert in Intelligent Transport Systems and has over 30 years ITS industry experience. He is responsible for business development, industry relations, and strategy and thought leadership.

Within ERTICO – ITS Europe, Richard is a member of the supervisory board, the strategy committee and the chairman of the travel and traffic industry sector.

He was awarded the 2010 ITS UK Rees Hill Award for outstanding contribution to ITS by a UK professional. Richard was inducted into the ITS World Congress Hall of Fame in 2015 as the recipient of the life time achievement award.

To become the ITS reference resource for Europe. To provide reliable information on the outcomes of  ITS research and development, deployment and integration and to support policy makers and decision makers.

Svend Tofting participated in many ITS projects and is a member of the ERTICO Supervisory Board.

The ITS Observatory will provide a comprehensive tool showcasing many ITS deployment activities at national, regional and city level. Monitoring these ITS activities and having access to a network of ITS contacts will accelerate ITS deployment by public authorities and cities.

Svend Tofting (Public Authorities & Cities)

Svend Tofting (Public Authorities & Cities)

Chairman of ITS Denmark and ITS team leader in the North Denmark Region

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The ITS Observatory Project Ambassadors are happy to answer any questions you have relating to the ITS Observatory platform

Any question you have will feed into the FAQ section of the ITS Observatory website.

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