To launch the project and start shaping the ITS Observatory a brainstorming workshop took place on 17th June in Brussels. This workshop aimed to obtain a preliminary view of what various stakeholders would like to have available to support their planning and decision-making process. Users and providers of ITS systems and services shared their wishes and requirements for the content, features and usability of the first-of-its-kind Observatory.

Two main breakout sessions took place:

  • Public Authorities, International organisations and decision-making bodies
  • ITS Industry (automotive suppliers, service providers, public-private clusters, vehicles manufacturers…).

The participants were very active and showed a high level of interest to continue their involvement in the user requirements analyses for the ITS Observatory. They will be willing to contribute to the further development of the platform.

Interesting questions were raised in particular regarding how to maintain the data base after the project ends, and also how to encourage various data providers to share information.

The ITS Observatory Consortium would like to thank all attendees for the fruitful discussion and their active participation!

Presentation of the outcomes from the workshop is available here:

ITS Observatory User Requirements WS Outcomes.

The report could be downloaded here:

ITS Observatory UserRequirements WS1 Report v1.0

In addition, a questionnaire will be circulated in September in order to further develop the user requirements analyses and to spread awareness about the ITS Observatory to a larger audience.

We are looking forward to hearing from you again!