User Stories

The stakeholders in the ITS Observatory are important providers of data and information and / or consumers who are in search of information and contacts.

The ITS Observatory offers the following stakeholders with benefits and value add:

Public authorities (from local to international)

  • Public authorities will primarily be consumers looking for information and contacts. They fund schemes or require information from the Observatory to make investment decisions. They will also be major contributors to the ITS Observatory as they can provide real world experience of using ITS applications in an operational environment. Sharing the results of projects and implementations will benefit other authorities and Europe as a whole.
  • Public authorities need greater awareness of ITS capability and access to information relating to real deployment experience. They need improved decision making capability with the ability to learn from the experience from others, to compare solutions and have insight into how they relate to environmental, economic and social considerations.
  • The ITS Observatory provides the framework to promote different types of ITS solutions with the result that development and investment choices can be made that will lead to more efficient use of the existing transport infrastructure for national and local decisions-makers.
  • Policy makers need reliable briefing notes, background materials and evidence to support improved procurement and investment in technology based solutions. Important policy areas relate to technical issues, functional issues (efficiency, safety and other transport related parameters), social issues, economic issues, and environmental issues.
  • As confirmed through the first User Requirements Work Shop held in June 2015 important topics for public authorities include traffic management systems, information services, technology standards, payments and ticketing services within and across different EU Member States.
  • The ITS Observatory will be a key tool in supporting the EC ITS Directive 2010/40/EU. It aims to speed up the take-up, in particular for road and urban transport by applying the ITS directive in support of interoperability and rapid standardisation.


  • Industry is both a provider of data / information to the ITS Observatory as well as a user of knowledge. The ITS Observatory allows solution providers to advertise their products and services to potential buyers and share information on solution’s effectiveness. Industry is also an important consumer of knowledge looking for market intelligence, what-is-where, and who needs ITS solutions.
  • The ITS Observatory will help industry to further develop their business, to become more competitive, and enable interoperability which should reduce costs and risks in implementations. The ITS Observatory project will help industry to understand issues discovered during trials and pilot deployments and develop the next iteration of products and services to address these problems. The ITS Observatory will provide industry with up-to-date information on leading ITS technology and developments, market information etc.
  • The ITS Observatory offers industry with a business facilitating tool. By advertising their products and services to share with potential buyers, posting their project findings, ITS deployment solutions and contact details; the ITS Observatory provides industry with new business opportunities. These opportunities also include cities, regions and countries. The ITS Observatory is a tool that helps industry to make public authorities understand the viable solutions they provide to transport and mobility challenges

Analysts and research community

The ITS Observatory will allow analysts and research community to extract information on behalf one or more of their clients / stakeholders.


The national, international and European ITS press require better insight into the ITS market. The Observatory will deliver them, on regular basis, specific facts and figures on ITS, solid documents, policy papers, latest studies and reports.