Automatic detection and enforcement for passage with red traffic light at intersections

Angelo Bacino / 21 Apr 2017 14:27

ITS Domain(s):
Traffic management & control
ITS Subdomain(s):
Incident management
  • Urban


Two different system for automatic detection and enforcement for passage with red traffic light at intersections have been designed and implemented in Rome.
The first take pictures of the vehicle, the second capture a video of the vehicle crossing the intersection. Both use ANPR. To date, 11 main intersection are equipped and in operation

Results/Lessons Learnt

The system consists of a digital camera and sensors under the road surface. When the light is red, the device takes two pictures in sequence to the media that go beyond the stop line. The double picture is necessary to verify that the vehicle has actually crossed the intersection. The system is approved and also allows the detection of speed. A first system was installed experimentally in the middle lane of one of the most important roads with high sliding of the city, Via Cristoforo Colombo, at the intersection with the ring road Ostiense: the number of traffic accidents at this point it records a average of about 40 per year. Evolution of FotoRed, the new system allows the acquisition of the entire operation of the passage through a red light in order to minimize possible disputes and appeals. Is installed on 10 main intersections of Rome (Colombo - Pindaro, Prenestina - Tuscolana, etc..) for a total of 31 lanes. Dome camera, tracking the vehicle in crossing the intersection with red traffic light.

Funding instrument
  • Urgent traffic interventions in the municipality of Rome (first system)

    Road and mobility Infrastructure Reconstruction Plan of Rome municipality O.d.S. N. 1 e 2/2006

Success story description

Incidentality levels year 2005:

Colombo/Pindaro number accidents: 46 - number of dead 40

Incidentality levels year 2012

Colombo/Pindaro number accidents: 12 - number of dead 15

IN general average 45% reduction in incidental levels


Technology readiness level
  • TRL 4 - Technology validated in lab
  • TRL 8 - System complete and qualified
  • TRL 9 - Actual system proven in operational environment (competitive manufacturing in the case of key enabling technologies; or in space)
Start date
End date
3 years
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