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Access control

Access Control at limited traffic zone (ZTL): electronic gates

07 May 2017 15:12 by Sandro Francalanci

Since the year 2001 has been designed and implemented first system for automatic access control to limited access zone based on ANPR. Today in Rome eight ZZTL are working with different scheduling during the week and during the day. The systems handle several authorised categories of users.

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Public transport

Access Control on Bus reserved lanes

07 May 2017 10:15 by Sandro Francalanci

The same technology used in Rome for limited access zones based on electronic gates has been used also for organize access to public transport reserved lanes.

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Public transport

Accessibility of Public Passenger Transport Services to People with Specific Needs

01 Sep 2017 16:50 by Martin Pichl

Passengers information systems implemented in the urban public transport vehicles were complemented by communication systems allowing to communicate to people with reduced orientation. These systems are called command sets for visually impaired and are also referred to as “talking trams”. When...

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Highway management


14 Jul 2016 18:43 by Panagiotis Georgiadis

In January 2014, 28 partners from 8 countries kicked-off the AdaptIVe project. Lead by Volkswagen AG, the consortium will further applications for automated driving during three and a half years.

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Deployed ITS

Domains are six areas of ITS, which the various ITS are distributed in:

  • Traveller Information,
  • Traffic management & control,
  • Freight & logistics,
  • Smart vehicles,
  • Mobility services, and
  • Public transport.

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