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4 projects found

ITS on Autostrada dei Fiori A10

09 May 2017 13:51 by Luca Studer

The Autostrada dei Fiori implemented several ITS along the whole motorway in order to improve both safety and traffic management in general. This implementation is the only cross-system to include many transports-telematics related aspects. It is therefore very interesting thanks to the extension...

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Incident management

Automatic Detection Speed Vehicle

29 Apr 2017 16:20 by Angelo Bacino

Two different model system for automatic detection and enforcement for excess speed vehicle have been designed and implemented. The first model based on measurement punctual vehicle speed, the second model based on ANPR and processing average speed

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14 Mar 2017 08:56 by Nick Juffermans

Freilot is a large European test project in which new automotive and traffic technologies were developed and tested with the aim of significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in freight traffic in urban areas. The project has been successfully completed. What is the goal? The goal...

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Highway management


14 Jul 2016 18:43 by Panagiotis Georgiadis

In January 2014, 28 partners from 8 countries kicked-off the AdaptIVe project. Lead by Volkswagen AG, the consortium will further applications for automated driving during three and a half years.

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Speed management

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