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Conduent Seamless™ Transportation Solution

03 Jan 2018 12:25 by Svetlana Popova

Conduent have launched its Conduent Seamless™ Transportation Solution, its next-gen approach to secure ticketless public transport payment by smartphone. The launch follows a successful nine-month pilot of the technology with the local transport authority Valence Romans Déplacements (VRD), in the...

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Freight & logistics

EU EIP and Easyway Evaluation database

10 May 2017 15:33 by Luca Studer

The overall objective of the EU EIP Evaluation activity is to support national and corridor evaluation approaches in order to present a global picture of the impact of ITS Deployment on the European road network and to demonstrate the benefits of ITS investment / CEF funding to the European...

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ITS Toolkit - 2Decide Project

10 May 2017 10:03 by Luca Studer

2DECIDE support and speed up consistent decision making related to ITS deployment for road and public transport (timely, cost-effective, interoperable, positive impact to urban and interurban mobility, positive cost/ benefit ration). 2DECIDE has formed a consortium representing an outstanding...

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14 Mar 2017 15:11 by Francesco Mazzone

Luceverde provides real-time information on traffic and public transport through website (interactive map), mobile applications, radio stations (pre-recorded bulletins and live), television (pre-recorded video and live), social network (Twitter, Facebook) and through a specialized webradio (called...

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Mobility services

Mastercard contactless payment technology

04 Jan 2018 13:13 by Svetlana Popova

Mastercard contactless payment technology allows everyday purchases to be made quickly and safely with just a touch of a contactless-enabled Mastercard® or Maestro®card, NFC-enabled smart phone or other contactless device. Background After examining a number of technologies, TfL selected...

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Domains are six areas of ITS, which the various ITS are distributed in:

  • Traveller Information,
  • Traffic management & control,
  • Freight & logistics,
  • Smart vehicles,
  • Mobility services, and
  • Public transport.

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