15 Jan 2018 14:28 by Giorgos Kiousis
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  • Ian Bearder

    07 Jun 2018 12:15 by
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  • Implementation Plan of the Action Plan Action Plan for the Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the...

    01 Sep 2017 18:32 by Martin Pichl

    ITS Action Plan is followed by ITS Implementation plan, which is not only project reservoir, but as well defines steps for preparation and implementation of ITS systems which could be either as a part of new transport infrastructure or as stay alone ITS systems regardless funding stream if they are fully or partly financed from State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI) or if they are coo financed from relevant EU operational programs. Implementation plan of ITS development further more address issues related to development of large scale ITS projects in which could share an infrastructure or selected application within more of Ministry of Transport departmental organizations, or even more resorts or more subjects of public administration.

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  • Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

    07 Nov 2017 17:11 by

    Intertraffic Amsterdam is the platform of choice for professionals from around the world to meet. It is a biennial must attend event to stay up to speed on the developments in the fields of infrastructure, safety, parking, smart mobility and traffic management, with some 800 exhibiting companies from 47 countries and a 30,000+ visitor attendance from 134 countries worldwide.

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  • Intertraffic Mexico 2018

    07 Nov 2017 16:19 by

    Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America, the 14th economy in the world. GoldmanSachs predicts that Mexico’s economy will be the 8th in the world by 2050. To fulfill this ambition there has to be an upgrade in the transport infrastructure, something the Mexican government understands and is committed to. The current infrastructure plan of the Mexican government (2013-2018) consists of 149 projects with an investment of 30+ billion USD. Also Smart Mobility in Mexico will experience significant growth in the coming years.

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  • Item test

    18 Jan 2017 16:29 by
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  • ITS on Autostrada dei Fiori A10

    09 May 2017 17:51 by Luca Studer

    The Autostrada dei Fiori implemented several ITS along the whole motorway in order to improve both safety and traffic management in general. This implementation is the only cross-system to include many transports-telematics related aspects. It is therefore very interesting thanks to the extension and synergy achieved by a joint management of different technological systems.

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  • Luceverde

    17 Aug 2017 19:57 by Francesco Mazzone

    Luceverde provides real-time information on traffic and public transport through website (interactive map), mobile applications, radio stations (pre-recorded bulletins and live), television (pre-recorded video and live), social network (Twitter, Facebook) and through a specialized webradio (called Luceverde Radio). It’s a service of public nature and it’s targeted especially to commuters and focussed on events with significant impacts on mobility

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  • Lutz Pathfinder

    14 Jun 2017 10:43 by Martine Harvey

    In October 2016, the Transport Systems Catapult was responsible for putting a self-driving vehicle on UK public streets for the first time. The demonstration of a UK developed autonomous driving system marked the conclusion of the LUTZ Pathfinder Project, which began developing autonomous technology in 2014.

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  • Marcel Visser

    20 Feb 2019 22:12 by Marcel Visser
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