• MARCO–T3: Integrated TMCS (Traffic Management and Control System) for Motorways in Mestre-Venice area

    12 May 2017 00:32 by EUGENIO MORELLO

    MARCO-T3 is a complex Freeway Traffic Control System for managing traffic on all the motorway system under the responsibility of CAV. All ITS technologies available are used: AID, Speed advise, Ramp metering, dynamic allocation of traffic lanes (on Mestre-Venice ring road). MARCO.T3 is the Integration of several subsystems: • RT (Traffic monitoring) • CCTV (video surveillance) • AID (Automatic Incident Detection) • RM (Ramp metering) • VMS (Variable Message Sign) o LCS (Lane Control Sign) o TXT (textual information + pictogram and rerouting) • MIM (Multiagency Incident Management) All coordinated by the SV (Supervisor)

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  • My little test before QA

    15 Sep 2017 08:00 by
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  • National Traffic Information Center

    22 May 2017 11:20 by Martin Knopp

    The scope of the deployment was the complex traffic information and traffic management system for central overview of traffic situation on the road network within the Czech Republic region. NDIC system conducts the collection, processing, authorization and provision of verified traffic information about the Czech Republic traffic situation. The NDIC system works with data and information from various ITS and telematics systems such as FCD, loops, cameras, radars and sensors.

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  • Project BaSIC – National C-ITS activity

    01 Sep 2017 18:55 by Martin Pichl

    The scale of the pilot was small compared to the planned activities within current C-Roads project (testing of slow vehicle warning and emergency vehicle approaching use cases on a short stretch of the D0 motorway – Prague By-pass), yet successful, and the project team gained valuable experience and know-how of the real C-ITS operation. BaSIC was a project to prove that C-ITS technologies work in the Czech Republic and have to clarify national theoretical knowledge in the field.

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  • Provision of an EU-wide eCall

    01 Sep 2017 18:44 by Martin Pichl

    First activity in the area of eCall 112 in the Czech Republic was carried out within the the Euro-regional project CONNECT. The eCall pilot has been launched in 2006 and successfully completed in December 2007. The main pilot project objective was verification of the possibility of reception and handling of eCall data on a PSAP testing platform and al-time transmitting of this data to individual units of Integrated Rescue System of the Czech Republic. This pilot implementation took place in testing platform of PSAP which truly simulates the PSAP 112 operating system and was based on DTMF transmission of MSD. The same testing platform will be used for HeERO pilot project implementation.

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  • Road User Behaviour Analysis - RUBA

    15 Jan 2018 10:56 by Niels Agerholm

    The Road User Behaviour Analysis (RUBA) project is a watch-dog tool for computer-based analysis of traffic videos. The program can be used on Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers.

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  • Shockwave traffic jams A58

    11 Apr 2017 16:40 by Nick Juffermans

    Private sector parties, public sector and knowledge institutions jointly developed a shockwave traffic jam service based on innovative Talking Traffic techniques on the A58 between Tilburg and Eindhoven. This shockwave traffic jam service consists of a smartphone app where a large group (1000+) of participating motorists are given personal in-car advice about the ideal driving behaviour and ideal driving speed to prevent shockwave traffic jams.

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  • Smartic

    22 May 2017 09:51 by Martin Knopp

    Smartic is modular platform that covers data aquisition and processing (traffic situation and volume, calculation if travel time, continuous traffic load maps), traffic monitoring, adaptive traffic management using defined management scenarios, traffic information dissemination (web-based and mobile application, TMC, V2I) and analytical information for traffic engineers.

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  • test

    31 Jul 2017 11:52 by Antonios Boutovinas
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  • Test_Event_NewYear

    25 Dec 2017 05:44 by Tien Owner
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