18 Oct 2017 14:14 by

    CO-GISTICS is the first European project fully dedicated to the deployment of cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) focused on logistics. CO-GISTICS services are deployed in 7 European logistics hubs- Arad (Romania), Bordeaux (France), Bilbao (Spain), Frankfurt (Germany), Thessaloniki (Greece), Trieste (Italy) and Vigo (Spain). CO-GISTICS’ partners will work together for three years on the installation and running of cooperative services on at least 315 vehicles (trucks and vans).

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  • Giorgos Kiousis

    15 Jan 2018 13:56 by
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    15 Jan 2018 14:28 by Giorgos Kiousis
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  • Marcel Visser

    20 Feb 2019 22:12 by Marcel Visser
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  • Shockwave traffic jams A58

    11 Apr 2017 16:40 by Nick Juffermans

    Private sector parties, public sector and knowledge institutions jointly developed a shockwave traffic jam service based on innovative Talking Traffic techniques on the A58 between Tilburg and Eindhoven. This shockwave traffic jam service consists of a smartphone app where a large group (1000+) of participating motorists are given personal in-car advice about the ideal driving behaviour and ideal driving speed to prevent shockwave traffic jams.

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