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  • Dublin HGV Strategy

    14 Nov 2017 14:56 by Paul Kompfner

    S.I. No. 366 of 2008 of the ROAD TRAFFIC (CONSTRUCTION AND USE OF VEHICLES) (AMENDMENT) REGULATIONS 2008 was applied on 1st November 2013. These regulations provide that 4.65 metres is the maximum height limit for vehicles in Ireland. In line with these regulations as of 1st November 2013 it is no longer possible to obtain a transit permit for an over height vehicle.

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  • EasyWay

    30 Aug 2016 06:37 by
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  • eCoMove

    09 Feb 2017 11:48 by

    Cooperative Mobility Systems and Services for Energy Efficiency

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  • Freilot

    11 Apr 2017 13:16 by Nick Juffermans

    Freilot is a large European test project in which new automotive and traffic technologies were developed and tested with the aim of significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in freight traffic in urban areas. The project has been successfully completed. What is the goal? The goal is ultimately to reduce the energy consumption and emissions of urban freight traffic by 25% through, among other things, allowing trucks to influence traffic lights and "in-car" advice to the driver during the journey to drive as energy-efficiently as possible. Apart from in Helmond, the system has also been tested in Lyon, Bilbao and Krakow, with support from the European Commission.

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  • Future Intelligent Transport Systems Strategy, 2017

    07 Nov 2017 09:42 by Paul Kompfner

    This Future ITS Strategy frames Transport Scotland’s agenda for trunk roads and motorway ITS over the next ten years and beyond. It is aligned with Scotland’s Strategic Priorities and the overall National Transport Strategy outcomes to deliver a safe and efficient network, inclusive, sustainable economic growth, embrace innovative solutions and to be customer focused.

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  • Giorgos Kiousis

    15 Jan 2018 13:56 by
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  • Gyula Törzsök

    14 Jul 2019 20:55 by
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    15 Jan 2018 14:28 by Giorgos Kiousis
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  • ICCS

    21 Oct 2016 11:18 by Panagiotis Georgiadis
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  • Implementation Plan of the Action Plan Action Plan for the Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the...

    01 Sep 2017 18:32 by Martin Pichl

    ITS Action Plan is followed by ITS Implementation plan, which is not only project reservoir, but as well defines steps for preparation and implementation of ITS systems which could be either as a part of new transport infrastructure or as stay alone ITS systems regardless funding stream if they are fully or partly financed from State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI) or if they are coo financed from relevant EU operational programs. Implementation plan of ITS development further more address issues related to development of large scale ITS projects in which could share an infrastructure or selected application within more of Ministry of Transport departmental organizations, or even more resorts or more subjects of public administration.

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